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Why Need DLR Flow

DLRFLOW provides better solutions to your dealership needs. Now you can seamlessly track work flow in real time, stronger accountability, more efficient tracking, and better customer service.

DLRFLOW gives you clear team insights, allowing you to track, prioritize, and assign tasks to the proper employees. Now you can shift your production into overdrive.

No more guess work. No more faulty production. With DLRFLOW, you'll streamline your communication and accountability, resulting in huge savings and extremely happy customers.

This is what we do and we do it perfectly

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Vehicle Delivery Management

DLRFLOW allows you to communicate between departments quickly and efficiently. From delivery to we-owes, DLRFLOW ensures nothing slips through the cracks for both your team and your customers. Through our real- time dashboard, you’ll understand what vehicles are being delivered today, what locates need to be secured, and what aftermarket accessories need to be added.

Used Car Management

DLRFLOW helps send the car from acquisition to retail ready with remarkable efficiency. By coordinating all the necessary departments, you’ll stay on top of every detail and reduce the time it takes to get your car front-line ready.

Wholesale Management

Now you can easily manage wholesale vehicles, identifying what needs to be sold, who it sold to, and eventually alerting the office to bill out the paperwork to the correct buyer. DLRFLOW provides you quicker turn, more efficiency, and greater gross profits in a department where time really is money.

Office Management

Have sloppy paperwork? You’re not alone. DLRFLOW makes communication between the office and finance department more efficient for everyone. Now you can quickly and conveniently improve workflow and boost your office performance.

Lease Return Management

With DLRFLOW, no car gets left behind. With real-time tracking, you’ll always be accountable for your vehicles, allowing you faster dealership returns, quicker bank notifications, and expedited payment processing.

This is what we do and we do it perfectly

Everything you need to Know DLR Flow

Talk to anyone in our industry and, they’ll tell you all about communication failures and lack of accountability.

That’s why we started DLRFLOW. As frustrated car industry veterans, we wanted better organization, less mistakes, and happier customers.

DLRFlow, gives dealerships a better way to do business, taking out the guesswork and providing management and employees more accountability. With this highly customizable platform, we’ve been able to increase production, boost revenue, and give customers the experience they deserve. We’re transforming the car industry for good, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

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